Uterine fibroids are caused by microorganisms Candida Albicans, but do not be surprised to learn that simple home remedies can effectively relieve you of these microorganisms. Candida fungus normally lives in our body. But when the habitat he begins to multiply uncontrollably, causing infection. This change can be anything from a violation of the acid-alkaline balance to lack of nutrition. Among the reasons may be an increase in sugar consumption, hormonal changes, antibiotics or birth control pills.

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Any of these factors or a combination thereof may cause the spread of the fungus that causes an infection accompanied by itching, burning, irritation and appearance of white or yellowish fluid. Although sales have enough medicines to facilitate discomfort when uterine fibroids, they may be too expensive for you, inconvenient to use, or you may need to soothe the symptoms. In addition, there is always the chance of developing fungal resistance to drugs.


Here are some of the recommended home remedies: borax (especially if the uterine fibroids cause discharge resembling egg whites), calcium carbonate (for itching and burning sensation before and after menstruation), potassium (with unpleasant sensations of itching and burning), sodium hydrochloride, Pulsatilla, Sepia and sulfur. More details can be found in the Complete Guide to the full restoration of fibroids at Fibroids Miracle Program by Amanda Leto. Microorganisms can be dealt with by other microorganisms. It is the use of pro biotics, which are beneficial bacteria normally residing in the digestive tract and vagina.

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