Ask the reader: always suffered from severe pain in my lower back? Note that I suffer from an increase in my weight? Is this the reason for this intense pain and what do I do?

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A famous Professor Orthopedics, saying that this constant pain and severe in the afternoon, is not linked to a specific period and then just disappear like period of the menstrual cycle, for example, but it has many of the reasons that may cause severe back pain.
He explained that the famous pain if it continues we must do MRI on the lumbar spine, to check sufficiently to form the backbone and a half of treatment and appropriate system of the situation. He stressed that the reasons for this constant pain many may be due to excess weight, which results in over allocated on the spine, which change shape and cause great pain, or it may be slippery, or roughness in the spine, or may be a weakness in the muscles and then should relieve the patient's weight, and may be a bigger problem and you need to surgical intervention or injection at the very least, all this show rays, shows any problems in the dynamics of the back and determined on the basis of the physician the appropriate treatment of the situation.
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